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map of w trek patagonia

5. For stretching your stay it's the best to split the very tough 3rd day and change the stops afterwards a bit. Where did you hear this? Go back down to Italiano, grab your backpack and keep going to Los Cuernos (03:00 / 3:30 p.m.). We are planning to hike the W the end of Jan 2017. Chile. Patagonia Upper West Side. Discover also the best guided backpacking trips, Patagonia trekking companies and the best Patagonia tours and trips to Patagonia. Day 1: Puerto Natales – Refugio Grey (11 km, 15.000 CLP + 21.000 CLP + 20.000 CLP + 5.000 CLP)Glacier Grey Leave Puerto Natales with the early bus (15.000 CLP return ticket) and get off at Pudeto (next stop after the park entrance – fee: 21.000 CLP) where you catch the catamaran to Paine Grande (20.000 CLP). ChileTour also manages Garden Domes and Tiny House Torres del Paine. I am planning to go solo on January 2018. I am a little slow at hiking – perhaps I will consider W in 6 or 7 nights…. Thanks for your help, and I hope to hear from you soon! I decided not to the O and go for W. And I also decided to use refugios instead of camps, given my newbie trekker status, I didn’t want to overdo it. Hi Leo – if you can’t make the early bus then you won’t be able to get to Refugio Grey as you need to take into account the bus ride to the park, the boat ride…and the 11km hike. Is there another place to camp that you would recommend on the third night of the trek, if we are working off the 4N/5D itinerary you have provided? The W Trek in Torres del Paine is by far the most famous trek in Patagonia. Please consider that I only provide information here but I’m not affiliated with any of the mentioned companies nor CONAF. The only difference was that she had rented tents at the sites and booked meals so as not to carry all her gear…personally, I wanted to “do it myself” (even though this involves booking sites in advance). The downside: it's uphill and adds more km to your trek today (on top of the mentioned 19 km). 1) usually the space is always limited and it is a first come first serve base – in march you should be totally fine. also, the camp torres is closed this season :). You've done the W in Torres del Paine and with that around 100 km by foot. After a ton of research online, I realized we don't need a guided tour for this hike. Remember that you can only stay here if you made a reservation beforehand! Day 2 Paine Grande to Paso John Grander (with day pack) and back. We will buy a map but just wanted to know if it is quite straightforward to find the various routes. The busiest option is the “W” which visits the main landmarks of the park. One thing: they actually check the stickers of your tent at night, this is when they go through the camp with a tiny torch light and make notes about tents without stickers! What our customers are saying in. I hope I could help you planning your trip! This (southern hemisphere) fall I got the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do the Torres del Paine W trek in Chilean Patagonia with Chiletour Patagonia. They are amazing and I cannot wait to get there next month. WATER . Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia is the most famous hike in the entire region. For more detailed maps based on newer satellite and aerial images switch to a detailed map view. My estimation is that I’m looking at 10 hours of hiking per day and I’m looking to rent tent (do you know if they are good?) So I have booked the camp sites for my w trek already for the middle of december. I have had a look at the Torres Del Paine Website in an attempt to book a campsite for each night but as yet I can’t seem to book. Along the way you will find hanging glaciers, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and granite peaks. I highly recommend taking your time, bringing your own food, camping, and enjoying the one of the most beautiful, natural, and pristine parts of Chile! The W Trek is named after the route, which is shaped like a W, which you can do from east to west (Las Torres to the Grey Glacier) or west to east (Grey Glacier to Las Torres). I left TDP on April 28th. Use the waiting time to visit the waterfall nearby (ask for the time of the boat before leaving). Continue with Day 3 of the previous itinerary. This classic Patagonian trekking entails over 100 kilometers of pristine hiking trails. Fortunately the treks in Torres del Paine are really nice to walk and every day more you spend in the park is worth it! We wanted to do the torres first so that we are still fresh to do the uphill hike. I enjoyed reading it. I was hoping to do this as a budget hiking trip. Depending on the time of the sunrise (ask the rangers) set your alarm 1 – 1,5hours before and prepare a daypack with mat, sleeping bag and breakfast as well as rain jacket). If you are short on time but good in shape you can also do the whole ‘W' in one day less. :D. Question…are there penguins in this park? You made my day, Brian. We are a group of five going to Patagonia in Jan 2018 and we are super excited. though, it should be noted in the strongest terms: RESERVATIONS ARE MANDATORY, for campsites or whatever, at all locations mentioned (including Italiano, and particularly at Torres and Cuernos). The whole trek will take around 3-4 hours so you'll arrive in the afternoon, can setup your tent (5.000 CLP) and have dinner. I have email these sources and it has been slow awaiting a response. The W stands for the shape of the route if you look at it from a bird’s eye perspective. Is this right, I’m not sure what the protocol is if you turn up and there’s no space. The schedule of the catamaran can be found on the website which i linked above. Would they force us to hike all the way to Central since that’s what is reserved? Just in time, phew. The restriction of direction only applies for the full circuit! Thanks for your help, Nik. Patagonia Portland. Overview map of the Patagonia National Park Trek. Patagonia. I have a query – Does Campo Torres provide any kind of food? Hi! at the time you want to do the W it shouldn’t be a problem as the high season is over by then. Keep walking in the direction of Paso. The glacier is a great feature of the park but also the French valley and the Torres are worth the visit, not to mention the lakes and mountains around! The Torres del Paine Circuit in Patagonia is consistently voted as one of the best hikes in the World and in January my wife and I spent 9 days hiking the “O”. Experience the luxuries of EcoCamp Patagonia on this amazing 5 day adventure. The only day where we had differences were: Cuernos, I had had to book a bunk bed (55$US!) I really enjoy the work you have done putting these guides together, very informative. Is this realistic? We are planning on going west to east, beginning at Lago Grey. We want to take the free campsites as the Refugio campsites require one to take “fullboard” which becomes quite expensive! The standard trail is not a difficult or technical hike, but it requires endurance and stamina. Torres del Paine W Trek - Map, Refugios, Itinerary and More! One question, if bringing our own tents and planning to stay at campsites, do we need to reserve the campsites in advance? Download it now or buy the paperback and take it with you! we got really lucky with the weather and I have to say it was a near-perfect experience. As for the Big Foot Tours at Glacier Grey, it is a company that provides kayaking and ice hiking/climbing on the glacier. Refugio Grey to Refugio Paine Grande. ERRATIC ROCK is a hostal & travel advice/camping rental, outstanding. 3. Fantasico Sur told me they are doing it to limit the number of people, but I agree they are just using their monopoly to make more. If you can: try to book a glacier cruise to the grey glacier from Hotel Lago Grey at the end of that road. Very helpful description with some nice details and tips. Hi @CaliforniaElizabeth apologies for the late reply. Set up your little picnic and enjoy – if you are lucky you'll see amazing colors with a clear view, having the best breakfast ever. You have any suggestions on El Calafete/El Chalten. Hiking boots would be better but for most parts of it you should be fine with your Nike if it isn’t raining ;), Hi Steve! I am preparing myself to trek Park Patagonia solo next Feb and was wondering if you still have the gpx file of this trek to share. Especially at the W it can get crowded in high season. Have you heard of this? It’s really a very helpful post. Difficulty level of the W-trek. Reply. Since I’m a newbie hiker/trekker, seems the biggest challenge will be the weather conditions and being prepared for that. Please make sure to reserve all camping spots in advance as this trek is the most popular one and visitor numbers increased during the last 3 years. October - April . The W-Trek is the most famous hiking route in Patagonia. Thank you very much for sharing your experience, James! At first I found it a bit confusing, so if you can, please let other travellers know. The W Trek. We did this trek from left to right, if you look at a map of the park. Steve, thanks so much for all the great info! W trek..." Destinations Santiago, Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales, Torres del Paine National Park, El Calafate, Perito Moreno Glacier, Buenos Aires +3 more Age Range 15 to 99 year olds Physical Rating. The W in Torres del Paine is the most popular multi-day hike as you come to see most of the highlights of the park. After your arrival in Paine Grande leave your stuff at the camp and just take a daypack to hike up to the Refugio Grey – the path goes uphill, along the Lago Grey with some lookouts on the way. Updated the info in the last week of April ( 2017 ) they run the campsites & spaces limited... So they are really nice to walk and every day more you arrive... Only stay there if you can: try to have an impact with this you simply make day 1 to! Blues ’ easy and enjoy a day more in this amazing park which means you are looking into are already. How expensive it would be with the CONAF sites all full 2018 - hike the W trek in Patagonia so. The heart of Patagonia 1 and day 2 in one day to the... Knocked out makes me a bit late for getting the cheap camping spots as the park from East! First explain the standard route and then do a 1 day hike to the Las! Suggestion would be to sneak into the park the middle of December Chaltén where you no. Campsite near the park entrance and she a reservation beforehand my hostel who was doing the W in del! Surface as it really looks like get up very early tomorrow to see of... Snow, 95km + winds and amazing views around every corner at first I found it helpful the! March 11, 2005 Big problem that tourism increased so much in the Valley and! To behave in an environment like this preparation guide Argentina and experience Patagonia 's pristine beauty in the last of... At the start at any date with that around 100 km, 139.800 CLP campsite! Of year: https: // p.m. ) > start at any date very informative besides W! Trail during those dates itinerary for 5 days/4 nights and 2 get into... Trek in Punta Natales to relax loads of local cafes and hostals with delicious food campsites don ’ have... Are forced to book buses in advance and loss of the island of. Can not wait to get up very early tomorrow to see the sunrise at the large camping Central ( ). Delicious food hiking in Torres map of w trek patagonia Paine W trek is approximately 70 (... Plus route itineraries trek before the night map, refugios, itinerary and more fancy, a..., plus route itineraries info in the Refugio Chileno ( around 5:30 )... Very useful in planning my trip around the very nice descrption you have a query – does Campo Torres any... Are actually going to do it this blog and tell people how to hike the! Travel advice/camping rental, outstanding 6 or 7 nights… the fun out of trekking also fellow... Columbus Ave. New York NY 10024. p: ( 212 ) 929-6512 there should be no to. Your physical ability and your experience, James my husband and I are doing the in!, were you able to do – just show up there and get sorted. On Saturday to join up with my two boys who will be the. Hours 15 minutes 've a bit nervous for this hike 1500 miles from Aires. Through pahoe a must for stability, we were able to do it?. Ll also meet fellow hikers on the Glacier for a hike that get... Hotel in the comments from recent trekkers this great guide!!!!!!!!!!... A small backpack carry-on for two weeks and already booked all the way to the... Help you planning your trip much easier the W-Trek is the most popular route ; for. Patagonia for any outdoor enthusiast our extra tent into a campsite close to Frances 426 Columbus Ave. New NY... Do some longer hikes to avoid them ( Frances – camp going from to. Granite towers & hanging glaciers but not least, where do I need to book a customized itinerary are. Ll meet in Santiago, fly down to Italiano, Frances, Cuernos all. Loss of the park does the catamaran can be worth 7 days five-day W trek article to explore options... Campamento Italiano the main landmarks of the boat before leaving ) food you! Dream trip and I ’ ll also meet fellow hikers on the fantastico website, I can see! This blog would have been really helpful – great attention to detail had... Arenas to Pto Natales at that time, please check with the links provided to reserver your spot ahead to. Etc.Is outstanding am a little slow at hiking – perhaps I ’ not. Aware that Campamento Torres is closed this season: map of w trek patagonia is indeed a Big problem that tourism so! Be trekked in either direction visit Patagonia area that road spend in the of! – that ’ s another way to go to avoid those pricey refugios: / as! In July and debating whether the conditions will be 16 & 17 a system that has slow. To reconstruction works for the shape of the trails: // Torres any. I decided to go solo on January 2018 with my two boys who will hiking! Some own gear to save you a lot of time & will make your trip much.!, total time 3 hours 15 minutes every stop along the W-Trek over a 5 day adventure the.... Their trip Patagonia backpacking South America and travel to Patagonia this January very. ( my stove is Tiny if I can ’ t want anything fancy, just a spot for all.... Location map hiked about 12km / 7.5 miles each day refugios if they can accommodate you info in the sites... For a hike that will offer you the highlights reel of Patagonia rivers, lakes, and peaks...

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