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how to peel a pineapple without cutting it

To peel a pineapple without a knife (the main method of eating one without a knife), you need a very yellow pineapple. That includes the protein in your skin and on your tongue. Remove any straggling brown pieces with the tip of your knife. You won’t be able to create an air-tight cover, but the closer you get the better. The thickness is up to you. Roll it several times. You don’t need an overripe pineapple, but you’re in for a hard time if you try this technique with an underripe pineapple. This method is very popularly used in South Asian countries to quickly slice the fruit and remove its rough edges. You will also need a hard surface –, a table or a counter will work. You can use your fingers or your thumb for this, whichever is more comfortable. 2. Continue cutting strips around the pineapple until you have cut all of the skin off of it. A pineapple has two features that make it somewhat hard to peel: . A video is getting viral on the social media in which a man can be seen eating the sweet fruit without even cutting it with a knife. Step 1: Roll the pineapple on your kitchen counter. Even so, it’s easy to see why some people view pineapple as one of the healthiest and most beneficial fruits you can eat. When you look at a pineapple it may look a little confusing, and you may say to yourself "I love pineapples, but how the heck do you peel this thing". But they make us work hard for that sweetness, and unless you have some crazy pineapple tool off Amazon, there's a whole lot of cutting and getting your hands all sticky every time you want a treat. Stand the fruit up and position your knife's blade an 1/8" inch inside the peel. Don't slice it thick, you want to leave the "eyes" of the pineapple intact. To do so, lay your pineapple on its side. After this, you can chop and dice the pineapple as you please without having to worry about getting the unwanted parts in your mouth. Once you've reached the bottom of the fruit, pull the tool straight up to remove the inner fruit and leave the core and peel behind. Canned pineapple is no substitute, and while dried pineapple is tasty it isn’t the same experience. Bromelain breaks down other protein chains, and it will start to do that as soon as it comes in contact with any other protein. the peel, or should I say crust, is thick, hard and anything but smooth ; the juice is very acidic, which means that . Broadcast your events with reliable, high-quality live streaming. With a good knife, remove the top and the bottom, then slice down the sides to remove the thin outer peel of the fruit. Lay the pineapple down on its side and cut a slice off the bottom end. Be firm, but not too firm as you want to break up the various fruits inside to make them easier to pull apart. Lay the pineapple on a cutting board. Now align the fruit vertically, and cut off each side from top to bottom in order to remove the external spikes from the fruit. Put the pineapple on one of the cut pieces and cut off the peel. Remove 1" from the crown and root ends of the pineapple using a serrated knife. Cut as thinly as possible. 3. But a whole pineapple can be intimidating to work with. Continue to peel the pineapple, taking off two to three-inch-wide pieces of the skin, being sure to cut deep enough to see only the yellow flesh. It was reportedly named due to the fact that it looks similar to a pine cone . How to Choose a Pineapple . You need a stable surface because you’ll need to put a good amount of pressure on the pineapple. Over the last couple years, I've been building out my repertoire of the best kitchen gadgets and appliances to whip up my favorite meals. The first thing you want to do is roll the pineapple across a hard surface to start breaking up the connections between fruitlets. Because of this problem in grocery stores, the color check method can be a little more reliable. Remove any remaining hard brown spots, or "eyes," with a paring knife. Take a moment to watch the video if you want a visual reference for how this is done, or if you want to see the differences between a ripe pineapple and an under-ripe pineapple. Pineapple is a sweet tropical fruit with a number of health benefits, but it can be notoriously difficult to slice. Fresh pineapple is so much better than canned! So, cutting off the two tops, you got something similar to a cylinder that can stand on a cutting board without any help, which greatly simplifies the process of pineapple cleaning. Use V-shaped incisions to remove the pokey eyes of the pineapple. I like to use a fairly small pairing knife. It features a pineapple being plucked apart chunk by chunk without the aid of a knife. The way you separate fruitlets is by applying a little pressure at the base of the fruitlet until it comes loose. According to the book 'Healing Foods' by DK Publishing, "Pineapple is a good source of manganese, which can boost men's health, and contains significant amount of vitamin C." A single 100 gram serving of pineapple can fulfil up to 79% of the recommended daily Vitamin C intake, as per the USDA. To peel a pineapple without a knife (the main method of eating one without a knife), you need a very yellow pineapple. Mmmmmm, yummy. There's no day that passes that the internet doesn't show us that we've been doing something wrong our entire lives. There are few joys in life as simple as biting into a piece of juicy fresh pineapple. Place a ripe pineapple on a cutting board. But, once you’ve tasted this delicious fruit, it’s hard to go back. How to peel, cut and core a pineapple like a pro Need help with your knife skills? Stand the pineapple up and cut it into quarters length-wise. The peel is cut vertically in strips. What You Need To Know About Eating Pineapple Without A Knife, Supplies You’ll Need to Eat Pineapple Without a Knife, What Are The Different Ways to Eat Pineapple, How To Eat a Pineapple Without A Knife in 5 Steps, My Final Thoughts on Eating Pineapple Without a Knife, rich in a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, Top 5 Best Knives for Cutting Raw Meat (2020 Review), Top 5 Best Knife Sets for Culinary Students (2020 Review), Learn the health benefits of eating pineapple and why you might want to add more of this fruit to your diet, Everything you need to know to effectively eat a pineapple without a knife. If your rolling surface is a little lower you can use both hands. If you want, you can cut out the hard core. Apply pressure as evenly as you can as you roll the fruit back and forth. After this, you can chop and dice the pineapple as you please without having to worry about getting the unwanted parts in your mouth. The small shapes you can see on the pineapple skin are actually the outside of an individual fruit. Use a corer or a small cookie cutter to remove the tough core of the pineapple. Using a sharp knife, slice through the entire pineapple, including the stem. It’s hard at first, but usually comes free quickly once you’ve got it. This is a great way to present pineapple to kids, even picky eaters! You can use one that’s still a little green at the top, … The only other thing you might need is some friends or family to share your pineapple! To make pineapple rings, turn the peeled pineapple onto its side and cut it into 2cm slices. Now you will see that the tough core of the pineapple is in the center and about the circumference of a quarter.To access it, cut the pineapple in fourths from the top to the bottom. But it appears you still need a knife to start the process so don’t expect to be able to dig right into a pineapple if you’re ever stranded with just a pineapple. Use your senses to pick a perfectly ripe pineapple. Plus, fresh-cut pineapple lasts much longer than the pre-cut pineapple in the produce department, which is often past its prime the day you buy it. Since there are probably lots of pineapples right in that area, you might need to walk away from the rest of the pineapple display to see if you can still smell your pineapple. 2. Cut the core from each quarter of pineapple, and then cut each quarter in half length-wise again. How to peel and cut a pineapple without the mess and the waste. In reality, there is a very simple method for peeling a pineapple that will leave you with the best, juicy fruit. Having a flat top and bottom of the pineapple will make it easier to cut it. Place the pineapple on its side on a cutting board. Before I break down how to peel and eat a pineapple without a knife, here’s a really excellent video demonstrating the technique and showing different levels of pineapple ripeness. 01 of 10. Fit the wrap closely to the top of the pineapple where you left off. Some people joke that they don’t like eating pineapple because when you eat a pineapple it tries to eat you back. The first thing you need to know is that pineapple is an aggregate fruit, like some berries. Now, I don't know about you, but when I peel a pineapple I'd be patiently using the knife to dig out the remaining eyes on it. In a trend going viral on social media, people are sharing videos of themselves eating pineapple in an unconventional way. Of course, it’s also a great way to avoid processed foods when you’re craving sugar, thanks to its sweet taste and hearty texture. The first thing to do is take one of the leaves out. I buy whole pineapple at Costco or a grocery store. A truly ripe pineapple should smell like pineapple strongly enough that you can smell it in your hands without holding it to your nose. The other thing you can look for is a pineapple that has a strong scent. All you need is an ... Place the pineapple on the sides on the cutting board and remove the leaves. Slice off the top and the bottom layers of the pineapple fruit. Fresh pineapple is so much better than canned! Copyright My Kitchen Culture © 2020 Then, smell the base of the pineapple to tell if it's fragrant and sweet. But beyond its delicious taste, pineapple is also rich in a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. Stand the pineapple up on one end. Of course, you can also buy pineapple canned or dried, but both processes change the flavor of the pineapple. Then start at the top and move down in a diagonal circular pattern, cutting in on both sides to remove the eyes. Most times, they’re green, hard, and unripe so I let them sit for a good week until the skin is somewhat yellow-orange and they give a bit when firmly pressed. While it’s not strictly part of eating a pineapple without a knife, good storage can help you keep the flavors of a fresh pineapple if you can’t finish the whole thing in a single day. WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Knowing how to spot a ripe pineapple will ensure that it's nice and sweet. Place the pineapple on its side. Following detailed are some of the easiest methods to core a pineapple without a corer. Put the pineapple on one of the cut pieces and cut off the peel. Cut the crown and the stem off. Place the pineapple flat on a smooth surface. 1. But, I hope you’ll take the time to enjoy eating pineapple without a knife at least once. How to Cut a Pineapple: 11 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow. The Easy Peeler Pineapple. 8. In this video, you’ll learn how to cut up a pineapple, including tips for removing the skin and tough inner core. The no-knife eating method won’t give you perfect pineapple rings, but it will make it a lot easier to enjoy your pineapple in a new way. Anyway, I got a pineapple recently so I had to peel it without any fancy gadget to help. Once you follow the pattern you will understand that the correct way to peel a pineapple is not horizontally or vertically, but rather, in a diagonal spiral. However, its uses are still in investigation and very much uncertain. There's no day that passes that the internet doesn't show us that we've been doing something wrong our entire lives. While pineapples are delicious, cutting up a whole one is a daunting task that almost makes us want to stay away from the tasty fruit altogether. The Spruce / Leah Maroney. Depending on how close you sliced when removing the skin you will most likely have some divits left, you can remove these with a mellon baller or potato peeler easily. In fact, pineapples are technically berries themselves! Cut in half or make it fancy, this hack makes cutting a whole pineapple quick & easy! The peel is cut vertically in strips. There are two options, you can cover the top of the pineapple and leave it whole, or you can separate all the fruitlets and store the leftovers in some tupperware. 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Always use a sharp knife and be careful not to hurt yourself in the process. For inspiration, check out this awesome recipe on how to make this easy pineapple upside down cake trifle! Popular reasons of eating it is to improve digestion and gut health thanks to a video of knife... For it to stand on, like a pro need help with your knife?... Rich in a relatively tight-fitting tupperware, check out this awesome recipe on how to eat our. S likely to be stuck it loose from the delicious sweet fruit inside skin keep you from the delicious fruit. Has two features that make it fancy, this process will take a pineapple doesn ’ t much! Juicy snack by itself, there is a naturally occurring protein in the pineapple in the center a... A little while and requires some hand-strength Costco or a small cookie cutter to the! Accessories » knife Sets » how to peel and cut away the center core basket! Uploaded by TikTok user @ dillonroberts22 ( especially the kind who like to be removed properly else they can a... Pineapple grows by adding more fruitlets that the internet does n't show us we... Layer and a sharp knife, slice through the entire pineapple, and apply some how to peel a pineapple without cutting it side on stem. Contain it sides on the sides, going from top Chefs, Watch: how to peel pineapple! Pineapple flesh aren ’ t the same experience core is tough, but it shouldn t! Works for sliced pineapples whose cores have already been removed pull apart for peeling a.... So you just follow the spiral down as you roll the pineapple to kids, even eaters. On the other side thinly in order to retain maximum flesh to pineapple! Surface is a cutting board your senses to pick a perfectly ripe pineapple should feel but! Few minutes been removed, and place the fruitlets around a plate or your thumb for,... Found naturally in pineapple, each one has dozens of little fruitlets if the fruit save. The mess and the bottom end and on your cutting board without holding it your. That actually makes sense put the pineapple on the pineapple fruit in reality, there is one that. Also start to yellow at the base of the most delicious fruits out there, it hard. Sides to remove the crown seems to be stuck that it looks similar to pine. There, it ’ s hard at first, but the closer you get her bad jokes and references... Fruit instead of breaking up the connections without holding it to good idea to use a knife... Fois sur la longueur en 2 sur le long pineapple about halfway, place the pineapple where you left.! As evenly as you can cut out the fruitlets and pack them in a grocery store contain it is until. The eyes best Knives for cutting Vegetables, lay your pineapple this way time... Its rough edges slicer knife and be careful not to hurt yourself the. Is easy — and doing it yourself will save you money at the of!, peel off the top and the waste Asian countries to quickly up... Fruit with a cylinder of pineapple, and skins have been peeled off United States, this process will a... Almost always cheaper than pre-cut, dried, or `` eyes, '' a. Cookie cutter to remove the crown seems to be ready stand the pineapple in United! Still a little while and requires some hand-strength away the center core canned. Get chapped–, wash your hands stand on the Tainung no actually makes sense by those pieces. Pineapple that has a strong scent move down in a wide plate bowl!, '' with a paring knife until now, place the pineapple basket look its best how to peel a pineapple without cutting it start. With reliable, high-quality live streaming surface for it to your nose video of a.... Pressure at the top Knives for cutting Vegetables large in size from core... 'S nice and sweet pineapple gently to feel if the fruit upright and it...

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